Todays the day that we move to the new blog on the Brewster Inn website so excuse me if i just cut n paste the last couple of posts over from this spring and the old blog to here. Then we’re ready to get blogging some more


Will be on Monday June 16th at 5pm ET. There will also be up to 5 repeats of it over the course of the next year as well. We are very much looking forward to seeing it at last and for people local to Dexter we will be doing an “Open House to coincide with the show at a date to be announced in the press and on here.

Also there may be changes happening to the blog in the near future. We have another version of the same blog that is actually written into our website and the plan is for that to be the blog soon when we’ve finished moving everything over to it. The www address of the new blog is slightly different to this one and as soon as its ready we’ll direct you to the new link. The reason we’ve done it is that with everyone clicking on the new blog, it will increase our search engine rankings on Google and Yahoo etc and make us even more prominent in Maine Tourism

See you soon

Mark and Judith