The History of The Brewster Inn

The first house on the site of what is now our historic Maine inn was built for the Brewster family in the 1870s.

This house was remodeled in 1934 into what you see today. Built for Senator and Mrs. Ralph Owen Brewster, and designed by Maine’s famous architect John Calvin Stephens. The home was the scene of socializing and parties, as well as political gatherings.

The conflict between Senator Brewster and Howard Hughes has been well documented in the film, The Aviator, in which Alan Alda portrays Senator Brewster.

In 1988, the home was opened as The Brewster Inn, a bed and breakfast, and was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.

Since our purchase of the Brewster Inn in 2007, it has had a lot of work done both inside and out to make it the wonderful property it is today. If you would like to know more about the history of the house, just let us know!