Our first vacation in 3.5 years

After being at the Brewster Inn the whole time since our arrival in Dexter early Feb 07, it was time for a break. Mar and Apr are the quiet 2 months each year so we decided to take some time away in April. Something like 17 days in total inc our time off and then heading to Newport RI for a big New England tourism conference that we now attend each year as part of the Maine delegation thats involved with bringing more Europeans to New England when they travel to America.

Flying out of Boston, we headed to Phoenix to stay with guest friends related to the Brewster family. When we reached Houston,  for some reason i was convinced we were still going to be in central time, and then it wasn’t until we were on the plane ready to go onto Phoenix where the captain said “and todays flight will be 2hrs 45min” and i turn to the lady next to me, slightly confused as i thought it was a hour flight and asked her, “excuse me but is this plane going to Phoenix?” Have you ever thought you’ve actually been on the wrong plane?

Once we’d got over that bit of excitement the flight was uneventful but the scenery was amazing. Like flying over a lunar landscape. Rocks, craters and mountains everywhere inc snow on the highest peaks.. in AZ? Flying into Sky Harbor airport you drop in over the mountains and then straight into Phoenix. Seems odd to see this major city in the middle of nowhere.

The 2 days we were there were good. Had the chance to explore a little going to Sedona and Jerome. Interesting places that are well worth a visit.


Jerome is a town that at one time was the 4th largest community in Arizona and then fell to the bottom of the list when the copper mines closed. The community was incorporated in 1899 following four disastrous fires that destroyed large sections of what was once known as “the wickedest town in the west.” So much history and ghostly goings on, its a town that has plenty to see and do

More on Jerome, history and what to see and do here

Sedona is a very pretty town too with some amazing scenery and buildings inc one really odd one that i’ll explain more about in my next post

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