So how did the day with HGTV go?

It was a busy day with a lot of preperation in the days leading up to it. On Monday (the day before) we had lots of help from people in town getting everything ready. Thanks to Laura, Judy and everyone that came for all your help. We also found we had supplies of flowers and pumpkins to help brighten the place up more with an autumn feel so thanks to Spring St greenhouse and Reny’s for that too.

After about a 16 hour day and a couple of hours work early on Tuesday morning we were ready for HGTV who arrived at 9am. We had Lori (producer) Jim (camera) and Scott (sound) here and it was busy busy busy the whole day long. Finally after a 10 hour day filming was done. Lori said it was one of the best ones she had ever done as we’d been fully prepared and that the house had so much history.

As well as HGTV we had 2 of the big State TV stations here WLBZ and WABI and the big State daily paper the Bangor Daily News as well as regional paper the Piscataquis Observer.

Below are links from the days actvities

The photos are from a very good friend in town called Judy (good luck in the council elections!!!)


Bangor Daily News


We still have the State Sunday newspaper to do an article with and as soon as that happens i’ll post the link here. Its all obviously good for us at the Brewster as the TV show will be seen right across America again and again, but at the same time the publicity is great for Dexter as it will bring more people into the area and more businesses will benefit because of that.

I’ll update the next stage of the story on how we got here soon, probably by this time next week. Its been a busy 3 weeks getting ready  for and exhibiting at the State snowmobile association trade show thats was held for 3 days during the Columbus day weekend and then the days it took to prepare for the TV shoot but it was well worth it

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