Hello, good evening and welcome

Well its evening here anyway ūüėÄ

Since we arrived in our new home in Dexter¬†Maine in Feb 07 to¬†run and own our¬†very own¬† historic B&B we have had many guests tell us “you need to write a book”, but as we don’t have time to read books right now let alone write them we decided it was time to scribble it all down in a blog on the day to day life we now lead living and working¬†in a different country 5 time zones away from home.

We want to tell you about everything that happens to us as we start our new life here in Dexter, about the people we meet and the things that we see and do along the way.

Should 2 people in their early 40’s be starting out¬†doing this kind of thing at their age? Well they say life begins at 40 and this is our “big new adventure”.

¬†Welcome to¬†Mark¬†and¬†Judith’s¬†“Ultimate Life Swap”!!

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