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New heating system being added

New heating system being added

WOW! 2 years since my last email newsletter! Time flies when you're having fun.There's been a lot going on and I certainly want to get back to doing them on a more regular basis.

So whats been going on?


Well in the last email of Oct 09 I was talking about the upcoming totally new energy efficient hot water heating system that was going to be installed over that winter.

It all got fitted over a period of about 10 weeks and the comfort levels in the guest and common rooms are now amazing with each room having its own independant heating control. Also added to all the guest rooms were 26/32" LCD TVs inc HD, IPhone docks and extended the Wi-Fi through the entire property.

Roof replacement

Roof replacement



In Oct 2010 the roof was completely replaced. It was all original monson slate but was needing repair every year. Now it's perfect and I reused all the slate keeping it for landscaping in the gardens.

This year the Brewster Inn is entering the 4th year of major garden developments and should hopefully be pretty much completed. The gardens received national press coverage in 2011 because of a giant butterfly garden that's actually in the shape of a butterfly, which was added. It spans about 15' and not only does it look like a butterfly, all the plants attract butterflies and humming birds as well.

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Brewster Inn Dexter Maine Gardens. Original fountain re-installed

Brewster Inn Dexter Maine Gardens. Original fountain re-installed

Then there was the big feature for 2011, the original fountain that was put back outside and made to work. It looks and sounds AMAZING! It is a real focal point and so tranquil. The entire garden is looking so great that I have people asking if they're public gardens and wanting to walk through them to see everything.

A total of 57 trees were also cut down to totally open the gardens up as well. Cutting down so many trees has enabled more planning and planting in more areas of the garden inc replanting the first 24 lilac bushes all along one side of the property. All of the wood that was cut down was not wasted in any way as it was all given to families that needed wood for heating that winter. All the greenery and branches

Tree cutting at the Brewster Inn

Some trees take a little longer to come down

Tree cutting at the Brewster Inn

This is Big J with his very big saw

That's about all for this installment. I want to save more for my next one. Including all the new recipes I've personally been preparing. On the right you will see links to the Brewster Inn Facebook fan page, Twitter and You Tube Pages with Pinterest and Google + to follow soon. All with much more info available

For guests looking to come and stay between now and May, there are plenty of money saving specials on right now. Be sure to check the fanpage regularly for special deal postings! Read more

Till next time


The Brewster Inn, Dexter, Maine.

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