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The Brewster Inn Environmental Policy

The Brewster Inn, a Maine B&B, is proud to offer green lodging to our guests. Our inn has been awarded the Maine State Environmental Leader designation in recognition of efforts made here at the Inn both inside and out in the garden.

If you are seeking environmentally friendly hotel lodging in Maine, you can rest assured that we use environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the Inn, from cleaning of guestrooms and bathrooms to dishwasher and laundry cleaning products which are all  approved by the State of Maine as being acceptable for us to use:

Almost all the light bulbs at the Inn are either CFL or LED both inside and outside the property.  

We recycle all waste possible taking it to the Mid-Maine Solid Waste Recycling Centre in Dexter, which is an excellent facility, and we are very lucky to have it in town.

All of our garden and kitchen waste, such as plant clippings, leaves, weeds, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, fruit and vegetable peelings is taken and added to the compost pile.

Wood, branches from trees and bushes, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard and corrugated cardboard, shredded paper, tin cans, glass bottles, No2 plastics, and all plastic milk containers are separated into different locations there also.

All beer and pop bottles and cans are taken to the Dexter redemption centre.

We reduce waste through careful purchasing to eliminate excessive packaging, including buying in bulk.

When we replaced the slate roof in the winter of 2010, we crushed the slate up and used it as landscaping in the gardens, both for ornamental use and for pathways.

During the winter of 2009, we replaced the entire heating system removing the very old and inefficient steam heating system, which had just one thermostat controlling the entire property for a twin “System 2000” boiler set up using hot water, which now has 18 zones for super efficiency.

We offer guests the option not to have towels changed every day in an effort to reduce energy use, water and detergent waste.