Looking for interesting structures made from red rock? Come to Sedona AZ.. a really colourful place for all the landscape as long as you like red that is

We took a visit into the town and came across the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Its a Catholic church built into the side of a mountain. A very impressive structure with an interesting history on how it came to be there.

The unique architecture and location of the Chapel of the Holy Cross are the inspirations of Marguerite Bruswig Staude, who went on a trip to New York City  in 1932. She observed that a cross could be seen in the newly constructed Empire State Building when viewed from a certain angle, and was inspired to built a church based on that design.

Staude kept an eye out all over Europe and the USA for the ideal location, and she was especially struck by the beauty of Sedona. She decided to build her chapel here, which would be “a monument to faith, but a spiritual fortress so charged with God, that it spurs man’s spirit godward.” The Chapel of the Holy Cross was completed in April 1956.

Heres the view from the back of the church in the mountain. It doesn’t look so big when your up there. Its a good long walk to get to the church unless you want to take the car and wait in line for a space further up.

When you get to the church and go to the front, look down and you will see a really strange place below you to your right. Its someones home, thing is theres numerous ideas on whos house it is. Its a little bit over the top?

It appears the house is owned by one of two people, either  by the Dr. who invented the laser for Lasik eye surgery from Romania or i believe another doctor from India that has invented numerous medical products. This blog tells more on the property. These  pics have been taken by someone who got in the house and i have to say it look pretty vulgar.

Sedona was nice, well worth a visit. After stopping for an excellent lunch in town we happened to see this sign below. It raised a laugh