Something i’ve always wanted is to get more international guests staying  at the Brewster Inn here in Dexter Maine. We’ve always had a small amount find us on the web each year BUT i wanted to work harder again to get more. In 2009 i signed up to be part of the contingent of attractions and accommodations group representing Maine  at the annual getting together  from all the New England States at the Discover New England international tourism summit where they all  promote their business and area in short 8min meetings to a large group of US and European based receptive and tour operators from countries such as UK, France, Italy and Germany.

The “buyers” as i’ll call them are broken into groups like the ” receptives” that are companies that make the tour packages for the trade such as Travalco AlliedTPro and Tourmappers . These are all  companies that the Brewster Inn has contracts with now to supply our product to the world tourism market.  There were many tour operators there too like  Bon Voyage and Audley Travel and America As You Like It 

Already in  3 summits as i’m now just back from the latest one held at the Omni Mt Washington resort in NH we have a total of 5 receptive contracts with hopefully a couple more contracts to come. The bookings are coming in with just last year alone about 40 room nights from the contracts that we now have. Each year should get better and better as following on from the 27 meetings that i had at this years summit, i’m now talking to the tour operators about who we have contracts with that they can buy from and what packages we are planning on putting together so that when guests come they can experience real Maine like moosewatching, white water rafting, snowmobiling or hiking to name just a few.

Attending the DNE summit as a small tourism related  business in Maine is a great way to network and show off our part of the USA to the world. Its hard work, takes a lot of planning but the long term benefits for the Brewster Inn could and hopefully will be significant. I’ll be at the next summit in 2012.

So whats been happening since i last blogged? A lot thats what. The Brewster Inn has an award winning website for starters which is excellent and theres more to come from the great design company acorn is inc a google events  calender which will tell everyone what events are going on in the area at any given time. I’m also planning on blogging more as its going to help Google and the other search engines keeping on coming back finding fresh new content to help us in our rankings so that more people find the Brewster Inn here in Dexter in the great state of Maine.

The inn is a Maine State Enviromental Leader and i’ve just been through the re-accrediatation for 2 years with my 17 page workbook. We also have a “Brewster Inn Newbie” web page added dedicated to people that have never been to a B&B before. There are plenty of misconceptions like  thinking they are coming into someones home and that webpage will help help i hope to greatly lay to rest any fears or thoughts potential guests might have that would stop them wanting to come and stay.

I’ve  added plenty of additions to the Inn and the guest rooms this year like 32 and 26″ LCD TV’s, HD cable boxes and Ipod/Iphone clock radio docking stations. The Game room and Honeymoon Suite even have small fridges and microwaves too.

The garden will be finished this year once we get the large original fountain and pond reinstalled courtesy of Windswept Gardens who like they say on their website “Create the Wow”! I planted 24 lilac bushes last year around the perimiter which i’m hoping will start to bloom this year. Got another 30 or so bushes to plant later this year as i continue to re-create the garden as it used to be. Oh and  we cut down 57 trees last year too, but thats ok as they were never here when the State Governor and Washington Senator Ralph Owen Brewster lived here anyway. He had lilacs and no trees and thats why i’m putting it all back like it used to be. Pics will be forthcoming once the snow goes, whenever that is.

More updates in my next post

Looking for interesting structures made from red rock? Come to Sedona AZ.. a really colourful place for all the landscape as long as you like red that is

We took a visit into the town and came across the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Its a Catholic church built into the side of a mountain. A very impressive structure with an interesting history on how it came to be there.

The unique architecture and location of the Chapel of the Holy Cross are the inspirations of Marguerite Bruswig Staude, who went on a trip to New York City  in 1932. She observed that a cross could be seen in the newly constructed Empire State Building when viewed from a certain angle, and was inspired to built a church based on that design.

Staude kept an eye out all over Europe and the USA for the ideal location, and she was especially struck by the beauty of Sedona. She decided to build her chapel here, which would be “a monument to faith, but a spiritual fortress so charged with God, that it spurs man’s spirit godward.” The Chapel of the Holy Cross was completed in April 1956.

Heres the view from the back of the church in the mountain. It doesn’t look so big when your up there. Its a good long walk to get to the church unless you want to take the car and wait in line for a space further up.

When you get to the church and go to the front, look down and you will see a really strange place below you to your right. Its someones home, thing is theres numerous ideas on whos house it is. Its a little bit over the top?

It appears the house is owned by one of two people, either  by the Dr. who invented the laser for Lasik eye surgery from Romania or i believe another doctor from India that has invented numerous medical products. This blog tells more on the property. These  pics have been taken by someone who got in the house and i have to say it look pretty vulgar.

Sedona was nice, well worth a visit. After stopping for an excellent lunch in town we happened to see this sign below. It raised a laugh

After being at the Brewster Inn the whole time since our arrival in Dexter early Feb 07, it was time for a break. Mar and Apr are the quiet 2 months each year so we decided to take some time away in April. Something like 17 days in total inc our time off and then heading to Newport RI for a big New England tourism conference that we now attend each year as part of the Maine delegation thats involved with bringing more Europeans to New England when they travel to America.

Flying out of Boston, we headed to Phoenix to stay with guest friends related to the Brewster family. When we reached Houston,  for some reason i was convinced we were still going to be in central time, and then it wasn’t until we were on the plane ready to go onto Phoenix where the captain said “and todays flight will be 2hrs 45min” and i turn to the lady next to me, slightly confused as i thought it was a hour flight and asked her, “excuse me but is this plane going to Phoenix?” Have you ever thought you’ve actually been on the wrong plane?

Once we’d got over that bit of excitement the flight was uneventful but the scenery was amazing. Like flying over a lunar landscape. Rocks, craters and mountains everywhere inc snow on the highest peaks.. in AZ? Flying into Sky Harbor airport you drop in over the mountains and then straight into Phoenix. Seems odd to see this major city in the middle of nowhere.

The 2 days we were there were good. Had the chance to explore a little going to Sedona and Jerome. Interesting places that are well worth a visit.

Jerome is a town that at one time was the 4th largest community in Arizona and then fell to the bottom of the list when the copper mines closed. The community was incorporated in 1899 following four disastrous fires that destroyed large sections of what was once known as “the wickedest town in the west.” So much history and ghostly goings on, its a town that has plenty to see and do

More on Jerome, history and what to see and do here

Sedona is a very pretty town too with some amazing scenery and buildings inc one really odd one that i’ll explain more about in my next post

What a strange winter that was. We got the usual snow right up to the end of Dec and then.. um that was it. Nothing! Everywhere else in the country that doesn’t usually get any or large amounts of it got hit and we never got any more. It was pretty mild too. 50F in the middle of Feb? Compared to -20F at night in Feb 09 that was a big difference. Just one of the strange examples of living in such a big country i suppose. Obviously we didn’t get the snowmobile trade this winter although we got some. There just wasn’t enough on the ground to compact for the sleds to run properly. Business was still good though which is nice through our quieter period of the year.


We’ve still been up to a lot here at the Brewster Inn. Last Nov we had a third of the roof replaced. The slate could just not be repaired anymore and this year the final two thirds will be done. AND after 3 years of saving up for it, we were at last able to completly change the heating system here and go from the old inefficient steam system of 2 40gall boilers and  which had just 3 thermostats controlling the entire 7800 sq ft inn to the most energy efficient hot water system we could.

Now we have 2 very energy efficent 4 gall (yes 4 gall) boilers and wait for it…. 17 (yes seventeen!!) thermostats still being able to use all the old radiators too. It was a long time coming but now we have total control guest comfort here at the Brewster Inn. We also added 2 big propane stoves into the Honeymoon Suite and Game room and the whole project took 8 weeks for local oil company AE Robinson to install. Our oil intake is still going down with the new system working. We’re really pleased.

Check out the Game room pics from the Brewster Inn website to see the new stoves

Summer and Autumn bookings are looking good again for this year already. 2009 was our best year yet and i’m sure we’ll have another great year again in 2010.

For all my loyal blog subscribers and readers, if your thinking of a trip back up to see us this year, just mention that you read this blog article and we will work you out a deal on your next stay at the Brewster Inn Dexter Maine to give you great value for money and an excuse to come and see us for sight seeing, outdoor sports, moose watching, white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, you name it and you can do it all with ease here at the Brewster Inn. Check out our concierge section right here

Also we’ve added massage and spa services now either available here with advance bookings or at a great health and beauty spa about 25min away called Wavelengths

Want to get fit? Stay at the Brewster Inn and get 24hrs a day gym membership at Millside Fitness just a 2 min walk away for just $5 a day! Excellent value for money! I know as i’m a member and lost 40lbs in 5 months!


Next issue coming up soon all about GOATSCHOOL!

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