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Something i’ve always wanted is to get more international guests staying  at the Brewster Inn here in Dexter Maine. We’ve always had a small amount find us on the web each year BUT i wanted to work harder again to get more. In 2009 i signed up to be part of the contingent of attractions and accommodations group representing Maine  at the annual getting together  from all the New England States at the Discover New England international tourism summit where they all  promote their business and area in short 8min meetings to a large group of US and European based receptive and tour operators from countries such as UK, France, Italy and Germany.

The “buyers” as i’ll call them are broken into groups like the ” receptives” that are companies that make the tour packages for the trade such as Travalco AlliedTPro and Tourmappers . These are all  companies that the Brewster Inn has contracts with now to supply our product to the world tourism market.  There were many tour operators there too like  Bon Voyage and Audley Travel and America As You Like It 

Already in  3 summits as i’m now just back from the latest one held at the Omni Mt Washington resort in NH we have a total of 5 receptive contracts with hopefully a couple more contracts to come. The bookings are coming in with just last year alone about 40 room nights from the contracts that we now have. Each year should get better and better as following on from the 27 meetings that i had at this years summit, i’m now talking to the tour operators about who we have contracts with that they can buy from and what packages we are planning on putting together so that when guests come they can experience real Maine like moosewatching, white water rafting, snowmobiling or hiking to name just a few.

Attending the DNE summit as a small tourism related  business in Maine is a great way to network and show off our part of the USA to the world. Its hard work, takes a lot of planning but the long term benefits for the Brewster Inn could and hopefully will be significant. I’ll be at the next summit in 2012.

The snow is falling and lots of it too. We must of got a minimum of 12″ last night and of course theres more forecast soon. ITS 85 that runs right by us has not been so busy as there was still not a major amount of snow on the ground but i think the snow in the last 24hrs changes all that. The sleds are already running more now so the snow will be a lot more compacted and better to run on.

The Brewster Inn is pleased to announce that we will be running all the same snowmobile special offers that we did very successfully last year. Come and stay at the Brewster Inn with great bed and breakfast accommodation from as little as $34.75 per person per night inc breakfast, great rooms with dvd players and wi-fi. All rooms have their own bathrooms. And NEW this year ALL rooms have their own climate control thermostats for total guest comfort. This will appear on another blog post soon or if you check in on us via our Facebook fan page you’ll already see all the big new additions we have here right now

Check out our snowmobile specific brochure here. Its double sided as we also are a business sponsor of our local club in Dexter Wassokeag Snowmobile Club and their info is all on the back of the brochure. The brochure is also viewable on the bottom of this blog post.

All our current Brewster Inn Specials are here



Located just off Rt 7 in Dexter, 20 mins from exit 157 on I-95, we’re right on the trail for ITS 85 that takes you up to Greenville, Jackman, Millinocket and the North Country.

Trail maps are available from both the Wassookeag snowmobile club and Brewster Inn websites

On Presidents Day  weekend  12/13/14 Feb we have the Dexter Winter Festival. Full info is available from the Wassookeag snowmobile club website. Come and enjoy a great weekend of snowmobiling and winter fun that weekend here in Dexter.

The Brewster Inn is also a proud sponsor of Pine Tree Camp that is a summer camp for children and adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities and that snowmobilers throughout Maine are proud to support and we are also very happy to be members of the Maine Snowmobile Assoc


The snow is plentiful right now and so come and stay at the Brewster Inn for as little as  $34.75 per person per night based on 4 sharing. Or from $39.50 per night based on 2 sharing. All prices plus tax and include breakfast. Use our winter specials, stay for 2 nights or more and stay for even less!

Located just off Rt 7 in Dexter, 20 mins from exit 157 on I-95, we’re right on the trail for ITS 85 that takes you up to Greenville, Jackman, Millinocket and the North Country.

Below is our new  brochure aimed right at the snowmobilers. We work closely with the local Dexter club Wassookeag Snowmobile Club and on the back of the brochure you’ll see all their info there as well as on the homepage at the Brewster Inn.

Trail maps are available from both the Wassookeag snowmobile club and Brewster Inn websites

Just as in my last blog posting, this brochure is also available on our website or we’d be very happy to post one out for people that call us  on 207 924 3130.

On the weekend of 13/14/15 Feb we have the Dexter Winter Festival. Full info is available from the Wassookeag snowmobile club website. Come and enjoy a great weekend of snowmobiling and winter fun that weekend here in Dexter.

See our new snowmobile brochure at the bottom of this post.

Below are pics of snowmobilers that we already get here. We have plenty of accomodation and parking and great value for money! We can accomodate groups with ease here at the Brewster Inn.





















Winters here now at the Brewster Inn. Theres plenty of snow on the gound, the snowmobilers are out on the trail right next to us and business is good!

We’re busy marketing towards more winter and spring business at the minute and its working well.

We have new brochures just printed which will start to find their way out and about in the coming days all designed by my excellent designer Kim!


I think i’ve shown these first products before but they’re worth showing again..

Our 9×4 rack card that goes into all the tourist information centres in the State as well as various other establishments. It will soon be reprinted with some new photos due to the room changes that we’ve made but the wordage will stay as is



Our “Thank You” card that we send out to guests when they leave after a stay. We sell these too at 5 for $8 or $2 each. They’re blank inside and can be used for all occassions. On the front they have a beautiful painting of the house and on the back theres an image of our sign and a brief history of the Brewster



Next we have our Scrapbooking and Craft brochure that is aimed at groups of artisans and crafters who want to get away from their normal lives and come to the Brewster and work on their scrapbooks, quilts, beading or whatever their skill maybe and either just stay for a few hours, a day and night or a weekend. Various packages all inc food and lodging are available on request. These brochures are also available on www.brewsterinn.com or by giving us a call and we’d be very happy to mail one out to you.

We’ve already done a few of these events and they work really well and we love doing them here



Check out our new snowmobile brochure on the next page!

Come and have your wedding day at the Brewster Inn.  We’ve discovered we have a very special and unique setting for weddings and having done 8 in the last 2 years ranging from 20 to 200 people and we know that we can give you the perfect surroundings for your special day.

The Brewster Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a former Maine Governor and Government Senators family home.  A portrayal of this family is seen in the Golden Globe award winning movie “The Aviator” starring Leonardo De Caprio (as Howard Hughes) and Alan Alda (as senator Ralph Owen Brewster).  In June 2008 we were showcased on national TV on HGTV “If Walls Could Talk” due to the many famous people that have been here over the years Inc Presidents, Senators and other well known figures.  We are proud to be part of such fascinating history!

We exhibited at a big bridal show in Bangor ME last Sunday and came away with 14 very good enquiries.  We’d certainly like to convert as many of those as we can over the next 2 years into very special wedding events.

Why should people get married at the Brewster Inn?

The uniqueness of the home and gardens as described above.  We don’t have your typical wedding venue which in a lot of cases is a brick conference centre surrounded by tarmac car park where they may do 2 weddings in 2 separate halls side by side at the same time, or tell you that you have a time slot between 11 and 3 but you must all be gone by 3.30 so that they can get ready for the next wedding that’s on from 5 to 9.  No, what we do is give you the whole property and gardens for the day.  It’s yours to enjoy for the best day of your life.

We have 10 guest rooms which can accommodate as many as 37 people and range from expansive to cosy, all offering a distinct personality. Each has a private bath, quality mattresses, AC, cable TV, DVD players with an excellent selection of movies for all ages. Some feature king size beds, fireplaces, original wood panelling, window seats and original tiled bathrooms. Others offer a view of the gardens or a whirlpool bath for 2. One handicapped accessible guestroom is also available. WI-FI is available throughout the Inn.

We have 2.5 acres of gardens in which we can put very large tents to hold your wedding and assure you privacy at all times due to the trees and bushes around the property line.  With the various ornamental structures in our gardens there are so many opportunities for the perfect spot in which to get married and to have your photographs taken which will hold your wedding memories forever.


We do things a little differently here.  We like to think of ourselves as being flexible where we don’t tell you which photographer, florist or caterer you’ll use.  Of course we have recommendations but you can choose.  We’re not “fussy” either so you can pretty much do what you like to make your day the best ever.

As for the cost for the your event here, we know we work out very well on price too so there’s another big reason to have your special day here

For people coming longer distance and looking for a mini vacation whilst at your wedding, our location is pretty much the geographical centre point of Maine hence the term we use “Destination Dexter”.
Guests base their vacation here at the Brewster Inn and this provides them with the perfect point in which to enjoy their Maine vacation where everything is within easy reach.  Destinations such as Moosehead Lake 1 hour drive (38 miles), Camden 1 hour and 42 minute drive (67 miles), Bar Harbor 2 hour drive (87 miles), Freeport and LLBean 1 hour and 40 minute drive (99 miles), Portland 2 hour drive (115 miles), Canada (3 hours).

Take a look at our wedding page and some of the weddings we’ve done with our slideshow


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