Lots of big things happening at the Brewster right now.

First of all we finally got the YouTube together of our appearance on national tv on HGTV that aired in June 2008. Here it is and when you hit “play”, fast forward about 2.37 to find our bit. We like it and hope you will too. It was fun to do.

 Its been a great winter for us and business has been excellent. Snowmobilers are one group that we market towards as we’re right by the trail for ITS 85 which takes you up towards Greenville, Jackman, Millinocket and the North Country. We have become business sponsors of a big charity in Maine that helps the handicapped called Pine Tree Camp This is a charity that a lot of snowmobile clubs in the State support and just 4 months into the year more than $121,000 has been raised that will benefit this very worthwhile cause from various fund raising events.

The second part of today’s blog is all about social media. This is a fast developing medium that is available to us in so many ways to help publicise the inn and to make us more successful in what we do here, bringing more people into this beautiful part of Maine.

Facebook is one way that we promote ourselves and what we do here at the Brewster Inn.
On Facebook we have our official page that you will find if you search for “Brewster Inn Dexter Maine” which has info, loads of photos and brochures (as well as they can display them) and we’d love it if you’re on Facebook and clicked “become a fan”. If you have stayed before, we’d love you to become a fan too and keep up to date with us and our regular updates with what’s happening in Dexter Maine until we see you again the next time in the future.

Also I have my own page on Facebook and if you search for “Brewster Inn Dexter” that’s where you find me, “become a friend” and see what I’m up to in my everyday life running our unique, special and very historic Inn.

The idea is that if you haven’t stayed before, you’ll learn so much more about us before you get here, and for you and our returning guests it will be like friends meeting up again. It works very well as we have a lot of guests on both pages

We hope very much that you would like to join us.


See you again soon with a post all about a new marketing idea we’re working on



Todays the day that we move to the new blog on the Brewster Inn website so excuse me if i just cut n paste the last couple of posts over from this spring and the old blog to here. Then we’re ready to get blogging some more


Will be on Monday June 16th at 5pm ET. There will also be up to 5 repeats of it over the course of the next year as well. We are very much looking forward to seeing it at last and for people local to Dexter we will be doing an “Open House to coincide with the show at a date to be announced in the press and on here.

Also there may be changes happening to the blog in the near future. We have another version of the same blog that is actually written into our website and the plan is for that to be the blog soon when we’ve finished moving everything over to it. The www address of the new blog is slightly different to this one and as soon as its ready we’ll direct you to the new link. The reason we’ve done it is that with everyone clicking on the new blog, it will increase our search engine rankings on Google and Yahoo etc and make us even more prominent in Maine Tourism

See you soon

Mark and Judith

It was a busy day with a lot of preperation in the days leading up to it. On Monday (the day before) we had lots of help from people in town getting everything ready. Thanks to Laura, Judy and everyone that came for all your help. We also found we had supplies of flowers and pumpkins to help brighten the place up more with an autumn feel so thanks to Spring St greenhouse and Reny’s for that too.

After about a 16 hour day and a couple of hours work early on Tuesday morning we were ready for HGTV who arrived at 9am. We had Lori (producer) Jim (camera) and Scott (sound) here and it was busy busy busy the whole day long. Finally after a 10 hour day filming was done. Lori said it was one of the best ones she had ever done as we’d been fully prepared and that the house had so much history.

As well as HGTV we had 2 of the big State TV stations here WLBZ and WABI and the big State daily paper the Bangor Daily News as well as regional paper the Piscataquis Observer.

Below are links from the days actvities

The photos are from a very good friend in town called Judy (good luck in the council elections!!!)


Bangor Daily News


We still have the State Sunday newspaper to do an article with and as soon as that happens i’ll post the link here. Its all obviously good for us at the Brewster as the TV show will be seen right across America again and again, but at the same time the publicity is great for Dexter as it will bring more people into the area and more businesses will benefit because of that.

I’ll update the next stage of the story on how we got here soon, probably by this time next week. Its been a busy 3 weeks getting ready  for and exhibiting at the State snowmobile association trade show thats was held for 3 days during the Columbus day weekend and then the days it took to prepare for the TV shoot but it was well worth it

Another quickie post for today just to let you all know that on October 16th we have HGTV coming to the Brewster Inn to film for their popular  nationwide TV show “If Walls Could Talk”!

This is something that we’ve been working on with “High Noon Entertainment” for a couple of months to spread the name of the Brewster Inn and the town of Dexter right across America as the more business we get here, the more people will come to Dexter, spend their money with businesses in the town and start to make Dexter a “stopping off” point rather than a “passing through” point which in reality it probably is right now

HGTV is the most watched group of channels in America after the main stations like NBC and Fox etc and the show will be repeated at numerous times in the future

 The TV crews will be here for around 10 hours on the 16th and we will be in series 9 of “If Walls Could Talk” which will air late Spring 2008. As soon  as we know the date, we’ll let you know and put it on the homepage at

Also while i’m here keep an eye out on the Brewster website as in about 4-6 weeks the 2nd version of the site will go live and even though we love how the site currently looks, there was always going to be a bigger more informative version appearing that will include all new photography, more information on Governor Brewster, Dexter and the area in general. I’ve seen “work in progress” and its brilliant!!

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